Going beyond casual snapshots, I specialize in capturing your essence in a process where you become the co-creator. From simple, straightforward portraits to complex group location photography, together we set the mood and arrive at unique, personalized images of you and your loved ones. These images make great, heart-warming gifts for your family. Contact me to discuss your next portrait project.

Individual Portrait and Family photography packages from $240.

Event Photography

High quality images are one of the best ways to promote your company or institution. When planning your conference, workshop, seminar, or training session, consider including photography in your budget. The difference between professional photography and amateur snapshots is obvious. Using existing light, the photographer's presence is unobtrusive and the images look natural and vibrant. The examples below are from the Chopra Center and Nike events.

On-location photography packages from $500.

The Chopra center staff, chopra center for wellbeing, carlsbad, Ca

Deepak Chopra, chopra center for wellbeing, carlsbad, Ca

"spirit musique" concert. portland, oregon.

Event Photography Samples

Product, Art and Services Photography

Capturing the healing arts, products and visual art for promotion and advertising, documenting the creative process as still photography and video. Clients include: The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Portland Healing Space, Tulku Jewels, RFG Tile, and others. 

"the noble architect" by Ruth frances greenberg. public art in portland, oregon.

Publicity image for tulku jewels, santa barbara, california. Model: Randy spelling.

client: portland healing space, portland, oregon.

Contact Lubosh to schedule your product, process or service photo session. 

Personal Photography Work

These and other prints will be available at the online Store soon. Please contact me with inquiries. 

devotional Butter lamps at the boudha stupa, kathmandu, nepal 

sunset at goat rocks, washington

 Metolius River, Oregon (2017)

Metolius River, Oregon (2017)

 Metolius River, Oregon (2017)

Metolius River, Oregon (2017)