“Wow... Lubosh, you never cease to totally blow my mind with your phenomenal pics. They are perfect!!”

— Amanda Ree, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Carlsbad, California

“Makes me smile.”

Lubosh, everything looks great! I just love our logo and how it's all laid out on the cards and stationery. Makes me smile. Nice job. 

— Dahra Perkins MD, Owner of Elevate Health Clinic

“A renaissance man...or a genius!”

So, I've long known that Lubosh is talented. Yes he is an amazing graphic designer, and a gifted photographer ... but now I've just learned that he also makes soul stirring mixed media paintings and writes so eloquently about what is so difficult to capture in words. That's what I call a renaissance man...or a genius!

— Ruth Greenberg, Owner, RFG Tile

“BEAUTIFUL! You have the remarkable ability to see directly into people’s souls and translate that into your photography. Such a rare and beautiful gift — it’s what makes you an amazing photographer...”

— K.W.

“I am proud and grateful”

What you have done looks very wonderfully awesome. I am proud and grateful to have you working on this book. Aloha.

— Carol Hannum, DD, Medical Intuitive and Author of The Holon Method

“So incredibly talented”

You are so incredibly talented, Lubosh. Everyone should have access to beautifying & enlightening their space & your art definitely does that. Your soul shines through each & every piece. I love them all.

— Cyndi Matthews, Meditation Loft, Edmonton, Canada

“Lubosh approaches his art as a spiritual practice, and while he has an amazing eye
for composition and detail, it feels like he is peering through the lens with his heart.”

— Bhava Ram, Deep Yoga-W4H Founder

“Exceeded my expectations”

Lubosh Cech is a talented, hard-working graphic designer whose careful, focused effort and willingness to “go the extra mile” produced a result that exceeded my expectations. The logo and designs that he developed effectively communicate in a non-verbal manner, something of who I am, the qualities that I aspire to, and ultimately go beyond the logo itself. The saying the “sum is greater than the parts” comes to mind, and I highly recommend working with Lubosh.

— John C. Slosberg, L.A.c., PC, Licensed Acupuncturist, Portland, Oregon

“A gift of capturing the essence of life”

Lubosh has a gift of capturing the essence of life in each photograph he takes. There is something magical about his art. When I look at one of his many pictures that adorn both our home and office, I feel as though I am transported right into that scene experiencing all that I imagine happened in that moment. Lubosh seems to photograph humanity with love and admiration. 

We have asked Lubosh to create one of a kind pieces for us that are breathtaking. He uses natural elements such as reclaimed wood that, when married with his pictures, come to life with a richness that breathes unparalleled beauty.

— Randy Spelling, Life Coach, Being In Flow

“There is an anima that flows into and through and around your images and I took that spirit with me. Thank you!”

— Bette Steflik,  Feng Shui Specialist, Portland, Oregon

“A Master Photographer!!!”

Lubosh Cech! You are a Master Photographer!!! Wow! You captured the essence, the love, the silence, the peace, the joy and magic and more.... Thank you for these great photos Lubosh!!!!!

— Sarito Sun, Carlsbad, California

“Simply put, Lubosh Cech is a master”

All true artists seem blessed with a divinely inspired gift. And so it is with Lubosh Cech. Lubosh sees through his camera lens directly into the heart and soul of his clients, revealing their beauty, essence and light in a way that is pure magic. His talent is extraordinary, his gifts rare, his art luminously stunning. An alchemical artist in the truest sense, everything Lubosh touches turns to gold. Simply put, Lubosh Cech is a master.

— Katherine Witteman, Orcas Island, Washington

Lubosh is one of the most creative individuals I know. He has an eye for impactful detail. He is adaptable, easy going and always a pleasure to work with.
— Sara Harvey, COO, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Carlsbad, California


“Prepare for your project, your company, your book and your brand to transform ... in beautiful and amazing ways.”

“LuCe is a one in a million artist, designer, illustrator and photographer. He is a one in a million kind of person. I have known him for many years and have always admired his sophisticated eye, his deep appreciation of Beauty and balance, his great skill and his compassionate, kind heart. If you have a chance to work with him, do not hesitate. Just prepare for your project, your company, your book and your brand to transform ... in beautiful and amazing ways.”

— Adrilia Pedersen, Adrilia Pedersen Wellness