I’m Down With You: An Inspired Journey (2010)

A teaser for an unfinished documentary. Filmed, edited and directed by Lubosh Cech. Still photography and narration by Jagatjoti Khalsa. Thank you Snatam Kaur for your permission to use your songs in the film.

Tulku: The Art of Transformation

Karla Refojo, the founder of Tulku jewels, commissioned me to film the genesis of her sacred amulets created in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her intention was to show to her clients that these sacred amulets weren't mechanically machine-produced in a factory. Rather, they are caringly hand-crafted by the Nepalese Newar artists: with heart, skill, and devotion. Filmed in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2009, the film takes you to the magical place where Tulku jewelry is born. Visit tulkujewels.com for more information.

Beloved Music, Sacred Land is a documentary that, once finished, will explore the rapidly changing Vietnam through the art and life of one man and his family. Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh is a virtuoso, a craftsman of heritage instruments and deeply spiritual musical force, who dreams of playing with a Western audience. We hope this teaser inspires you to help us complete our project and share Khahn's dream with the world. NOTE: As of 2019, this project has been terminated for the lack of funding.

Filmed entirely with Nikon D800, this short video introduces my friend Jagatjoti and his unique idea of a non-alcoholic Martini. Because this was a low-budget project under the time constrains, I combined the film footage with available still photographs.

A brief introduction to Auracle Drums and the steel tongue drums Rob creates. The particular drum Rob is playing is in the scale of F Big Bear. auracledrums.com

In this 3-minute video, acupuncturist John Slosberg explains the basic principles and benefits of MPT and acupuncture. Filmed in November 2015. johnslosberg.com