Photography Services

LuCe offers custom photography packages for your events, portrait, family and product photography. His personal work is available for purchase at the store as archival prints. Contact LuCe about video and film editing services.   

Graphic Design Services

Understanding the energetic importance of intention and attention, these are the two main ingredients in LuCe’s holistic graphic design. The design pieces are the end product of a deeper co-creative process benefiting both the client and their audience.  

Sacred Art

In his devotional panels and altar blocks, LuCe has developed a unique method of treating wood surfaces to echo the ancient temple environment. Sacred images available as archival prints, altar blocks, devotional panels and images on canvas in any size.

Photo ©2016 by Anat luce leblanc

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Lubosh Cech (LuCe — pronounced "loo-che") is classically educated in studio art, graphic design, and art history.

After leaving Prague as a political refugee, LuCe spent nearly a decade designing and installing art exhibitions at Harvard University Art Museums in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He then relocated to Portland, Oregon with a meditation community (an ashram) where he lived and worked for many years before moving on to pursue freelancing work and further his Tantric and shamanic studies. 

A long-time meditator, LuCe experiences his work as an ongoing expression of his devotion to Beauty. Accessing the richness of deep, mystical realms through various spiritual experiences, his focus is on the transformational and healing aspects of art.

LuCe welcomes commissions for custom photography, video production, graphic design and sacred art.    

“LuCe is a one in a million artist, designer, illustrator and photographer. He is a one in a million kind of person. I have known him for many years and have always admired his sophisticated eye, his deep appreciation of Beauty and balance, his great skill and his compassionate, kind heart. If you have a chance to work with him, do not hesitate. Just prepare for your project, your company, your book and your brand to transform ... in beautiful and amazing ways.”

— Adrilia Pedersen, Adrilia Pedersen Wellness